Cheap divorce in Glasgow?

A friend at the school gates the other day asked me “Where can I get a cheap divorce in Glasgow?”.  The other mum within earshot replied “Surely that is a contradiction in terms?!”  In actual fact sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t………it all depends on circumstances.  It also seems to me to be dangerous to start out making price your only criteria.  I am thinking of getting laser eye surgery (too many years of head stuck in the law books!), but I wouldn’t let someone near my eyes on the basis that they were the cheapest.  I would want to know their reputation, how many successful procedures they had carried out, whether their indemnity insurance was up to date and so on.  In my view so should it be when getting a divorce.  You might be lucky; your circumstances might be such that you can use the simplified procedure (do it yourself divorce), only cost the court fees and about £50 to have a notary swear the contents of your form.  On the other hand you might find that there are complicated issues in your case, sometimes ones which you don’t even recognise.  You might have inherited money that you spent on an extension to your house.  You might be employed in your husband’s business.  You might have owned property prior to marriage.  If such issues (or many more) arise you might want to be in the hands of the equivalent of the best laser eye surgeon, rather than the cheapest.  So my answer to the question, “Give me a call and I can talk it through with you and put you on to the best path for you, which might even be the cheapest.”  I am always available to have such a chat, whether I know you or not!