Happy holidays?

The festive season brings its own challenges for couples and families in crisis. It’s no surprise to divorce and family lawyers that they see an influx of new clients after New Year. Enforced periods of time together and the pressure of trying to create the “perfect” family Christmas can often can be the catalyst for family break up, particularly when the rest of the year has been punctuated with rows and disagreements. New Year, as a time of reflection, may lead to a realisation that the relationship isn’t working. Many couples will seek counselling after the festive period but for others there may be no alternative but to look for a separation.
There doesn’t need to be a rush however to the divorce courts. Nowadays specialist family lawyers are well equipped to offer more creative ways of resolving disputes such as collaborative law or mediation, where a couple can have a bigger say in the process of achieving a fair outcome when dividing up their property, but also putting the interests of any children centre stage. Litigation can breed further animosity which can adversely impact on the children. Children need more than fake jollity or sentimentality on one day a year. No amount of expensive presents can be a substitute for good quality time with each parent and parental co-operation. Parents can be encouraged through these alternative dispute resolution methods to look at successful parenting apart for the years and Christmases ahead, which is a more valuable gift for their children.