Facebook Divorce fallout

It is incredible to think that the world hadn’t heard of Facebook twenty years ago when I began in practice! Now it is part of the daily vocabulary of divorce lawyers. I understand that divorce attorneys near the company’s HQ were gearing up for the share sale, with the expectation that there would be a rush to the divorce courts as those Facebook employees with new found wealth sought to “trade in” their spouse for a newer model. This is apparently what has happened after other large corporate flotations. I wonder if any of them will have the irony of Facebook pages being used in their divorce action? This is an increasing phenomenon in the Scottish courts. I have been involved in two recent cases where Facebook pages were produced. The courts continue to struggle with the evidential value of such matters and I continue to wonder if anything is truly private any more? Perhaps the moral of this story is that you should be careful what you post on Facebook unless you are a new Facebook millionaire and able to pay for the consequences!