Help for couples in the collaborative law process

There’s nothing better I like at the weekend than to sit down for a couple of hours with the weekend papers rather than catching snatches of the news via breakfast tv or radio on my drive to work. Even then it’s sometimes difficult to escape our day jobs. This weekend a lot of newsprint was given over to Michelle Mone’s separation with the emphasis on the salubrious details which interest the press in a “celebrity” divorce.. Whether in the public eye or not our clients can find dealing with the emotional fallout challenging. For the lawyers it can be a challenge too, particularly if the couple have opted for the collaborative route, which will involve face to face meetings. But there is help at hand in the form of family consultants (sometimes called divorce coaches) who can explore with each party their concerns and goals, and keep them focussed on the process, however challenging it becomes, leaving the law to the lawyers! I hope that more of our clients and their families can benefit in future from this supportive approach.