Love is lovelier…

..the second time around? We have noticed an increase in the amount of couples entering into a second marriage or relationship who seem clued up enough to look at getting a pre-nuptial agreement or cohabitation agreement before embarking on this new phase in their lives.
Romantic? Probably not. Necessary? In a number of cases, certainly advisable. Costly? Not compared to the cost down the line of possible litigation, quite apart from the emotional cost in the event of separation.
Many couples, particularly “Baby Boomers” who have been previously married/civilly partnered or widowed and who have assets they wish to protect – such as business interests earmarked for children of the first relationship, family trust funds or perhaps wealth built up before meeting the new partner – may wish to ensure that these are “ring fenced”. Quite often both partners , if of a certain age, will wish to ensure their wealth (or that inherited from a deceased partner) will pass to their children or other family members in preference to their new partner, who may in turn have their own assets they wish to protect.
Of course in many instances it can sometimes just be bitter experience of divorce or separation which ensures that a client will look for this added protection. Once bitten…??!
If there is any doubt about the best course of action it’s best to consult a family law solicitor sooner rather than later. At MTM we are well placed to offer this specialist service and hopefully make the transition just a little easier.