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Matters Concerning Children


Your Children Matter

We understand that matters concerning your child or children require to be handled sensitively, and an agreement reached as amicably as possible.

Our solicitors are extremely experienced in dealing with these types of cases. You will be in safe hands.

Residence and Contact

There is a presumption that it is in a child or children’s best interests to have contact with both of their parents.

We appreciate that it can sometimes be difficult for parents to reach an agreement about the care arrangements for their child or children between them.

We can advise and assist you in these areas including seeking Residence or Contact in respect of your child/ children.

We appreciate that there may be reasons why you are opposed to contact taking place. We can also advise you about this.


If one parent wishes to relocate outwith the United Kingdom with a child who is habitually resident in Scotland they require the consent of the other parent (if that parent has parental rights and responsibilities).

The law is clear on this. In Scotland, however, it is generally accepted that you also ought to have consent to take the child outwith the country too.

In circumstances where consent is withheld a court action seeking a Specific issue order requires to be raised.

Often obtaining a decision may be time sensitive, if for example the parent who is seeking to relocate has a job offer.

We have experience in dealing with these types of cases efficiently and effectively.

Hague Convention matters involving international child abduction

If one parent wrongly removes a child or children outwith, or to, the United Kingdom without the necessary consent that can be classed as child abduction.

The Hague Convention is the legislation which can be utilised to seek the return of children to the country of their habitual residence. We can advise you about this complex area.

Social work intervention/ Children’s panels/ Referral proceedings

If your child or children are subject to social work involvement or they are involved in the Children’s hearings system, it is important to seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

We can advise and represent you at a hearing.

Adoption and surrogacy

We have experience in these specialised areas, both in seeking and opposing adoptions and also acting for surrogates or for the prospective parents. We will be only to happy to help.