Our Approach

We believe that being a small, boutique family law firm helps us to help you.  It means that whilst we know about other areas of the law, such as company law and employment law, our knowledge is about how these other areas interplay with our specialist field.


We have a close and friendly business partnership built on mutual respect.  Your case will be important to us and the attention we give it will be personal, but with the back-up of a highly experienced team.  The solicitor dealing with your case is likely to attend court personally if your case reaches that stage; if she cannot she will explain why and send another specialist colleague.


Being a small firm operating in a niche field brings benefits to our clients.  We can offer flexible payment terms in many cases and we don’t have corporate pressures and targets.  We are also able to remain at the cutting edge of all family law approaches.


There are now many alternatives to litigation in court in family law.  We can offer them all including reference to mediationcollaboration and family law arbitration.  We are all members of the Family Law Association Scotland and we are affiliated to The Right Kind of Divorce.


Most of our clients come to us by personal referral, usually from a friend or relative who has used our services or by referral from another solicitor.  We consider this is the best possible recommendation.