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A different approach to resolving family law issues.

The collaborative process is a non adversarial process that allows separating couples to reach an agreement between them about financial matters and their children, in an amicable and proactive way without the need for protracted negotiations or the threat of court action.

The parties and their respective solicitors, who are collaboratively trained, all sign a Participation Agreement  at the outset  agreeing that they will work together, and in some circumstances with the input of Financial Specialists and Family Consultants, and not proceed to court.

The process involves a series of structured four way meetings between the parties and their respective solicitors.  All negotiations take place in the meetings.  There are Minutes taken at the meetings.

At MTM our collaboratively trained solicitors are highly experienced in this process and are able to guide you through the process.

If you are interested in collaboration you can contact Carolyn MacBride, Shona Templeton, Caroline Henderson, Michaela Hinchin or Fiona Anderson.

Further information on the process can be obtained from